I am a Netflix binge watcher who finishes a series in a day, I’m pretty sure I watch youtube more than cable but I keep cable in the age of streaming because I can’t give up the option of watching live tv, twitter is my morning news, I’ve travelled out of the country solely for a concert, if I’m not listening to music then I’m listening to a podcast because I don’t believe in silence outside of meditation, the status quo is a scam, I find the study of people fascinating whether its sociology or anthropology, watching a good documentary is one of my favorite past times, and media consumption fills me with joy.

               Now that I’ve introduced myself with an extremely long run-on sentence to represent how my brain works, let me reassure you that I do indeed know how to craft a grammatically correct block of words. After spending years working in marketing for a company in-house I had come to realize that I wasn't satisfied with the trajectory of my career. I started as an intern and worked my way up to a Project Marketing Manager fairly quickly. I wasn't unhappy with the job but I knew it wasn't where I wanted be long term. So , there I was showing up to work , doing my job and collecting a check because it was comfortable.  I sought out other opportunities but one dead end led to another and I took that as a sign to be grateful for where I was. It's so easy run into a couple brick walls and settle for walking in place because hey, I'm still moving right? Wrong. I wasn't growing or learning I was just doing. Life has a funny way of making decisions for you because shortly after I decided to stay complacent a little longer the pandemic hit and there I was unemployed with a world of uncertainty and a world of opportunity at the same time even though only one of those viewpoints was at the forefront.

             All things Jonna came about when I made the decision to invest in myself and embark on a journey to become a full time creative. I didn't want to limit myself to a certain category so I am going to talk about all things creative , culture , fashion , food , meditation , media and everything under the sun that are a part of my journey. Lifestyle , Travel , and Wellness seemed to be the best categories to encompass an umbrella of things that make me who I am. There are many days where I have no idea what I'm doing and others where everything seems to fall in place. This blog is an outlet to share my trials and triumphs as I go along. 

Food for thought

"selflessness that comes from being meek, passive, and more concerned with being a servant than completing your own purpose it may sound noble but it's self-sabotage . Make sure your good nature doesn't have you doing more than your share of work neglecting your own path.'' 

- Maryam Hasnaa

Photo Credit - TR Peterson & Company

Photo Credit - TR Peterson & Company

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