May 2021 Book of the Month

Get Good with Money by Tiffany Aliche


2021-05-30 1 min read

             Tiffany Aliche aka The Budgetnista is the reason why I have a good credit score and know how to budget. She is a fountain of resources and provides free material as well as an academy with a membership fee, a podcast and multiple books just to name a few. This book in particular is a New York Times best seller and an absolute must have! She covers credit, getting out of debt , how to increase your net-worth , estate planning , and so much more in 10 simple steps. At no point have I ever felt intimidated or overwhelmed when taking advantage of the resources she provides because she's honest , real , and puts things in plain terms. I will leave links below to purchase the book through her Get Good With Money website that supports local bookstores as well as a link to The Budgetnista website for other resources.

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